“Congratulations on 25 years of helping people be able to live their lives again!  I appreciate how much you have helped me (as well as our chats)!”

“Thank you for so many years of kindness. I particularly remember your unselfishness when Biagio was away and I could not get to your office. You came to our home to help me cope with my back.  What a godsend you have been on so many occasions.

Your good humour, your kindness, your humanity, make your 25 years of service outstanding.  Thank you!”
– Lucille

“One thing I like about Dr. John is his compassion and knowledge tied in with his sense of humour!”
– Margaret

“We would like to thank Dr. John for being so supportive at the time of their car accident.   His “home visit treatments” for Jim, who suffers from a traumatic brain injury, are much appreciated. Dr. John was a positive force at a time when the family needed it most.”
– Carol P. & Jim H.

“Dr. John is a great chiropractor I have ever seen. Growing up with scoliosis, I was told I could never improve my condition. I found Dr. John 4 years ago and the curves in my spine and my overall health have improved. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and genuinely cares about each patient.”
– Jodi. S

“Very informative. Very professional. Taught me things I never knew. Very thorough. Very personal. Just all sound a great new experience. I will become a regular.”
– Maureen. S

“Congratulations Dr. John on 25 years of success helping people live a more happy and healthy life! In my case, no more migraines…what a pleasure! It gave me a new lease on life!”
– Liz. B

“Following a car accident I had tried every means to heal from the neck pain and headaches, Had I not sought out Dr John I am sure I would still be suffering. Thanks for being a helper.”
– Philip

“The first time Dr. John adjusted me he was still a student and was doing some of his practicum in Russell, Manitoba.  I think I was introduced to him at that time as someone who may be “difficult” to adjust as it wasn’t always the same thing bothering me .  When I moved to Winnipeg in 1996 I started seeing Dr. John on a regular basis at his Tuxedo location just as his first child was born.  I have been a regular client ever since and still can be “difficult” at times.  The chiropractic care I receive allows me to keep moving as I approach my 70’s.  Thanks Dr. John”
– Manny

“Dr John has helped significantly improve my spinal health over the past year and a bit. I was always told by doctors that my spinal cord could never become “straighter” without surgery (due to my scoliosis) and Dr John has proved what they said to be false. My back no longer aches on a day to day basis and I have always enjoyed coming into a warm and welcoming office! Thank you very much for your compassionate approach and warm personality, Dr John!”
– Amanda. A

“One of my favourite things about visiting the office (other than keeping me walking straight as I age) is the giggles I get every time you talk about or decorate using Star Wars stuff. Just goes to show, no matter how old a Star Wars fan gets, they are still a kid at heart:)”
– Shirley. R

“It’s always great to come to the River Heights Family Chiropractic Office. You are greeted in a very positive, professional atmosphere, and Dr. John is A1 at handling my chiropractic concerns. I highly recommend this chiropractic office to everyone I know who has chiropractic concerns/needs.”
– S.L.H

“Great service! Flexible with appointments. Dr. John is very patient with me and is very knowledgable in what he does. Thank you!”
– Anonymous

“The positivity here is amazing! Not only do I feel physically better when I leave but always leave with a smile.”
-Abby W.

“I <3 Dr. John! He takes the pain away and let’s me live my life!”
-Kelly C.

“The staff are always so caring, and the treatments very professional!”

“I have been seeing Dr. John for over a year now – what a difference! Feeling so much better.”

“Warm, friendly service! It is always a pleasure coming in.”

“Dr. John has helped cure my constant back pain. I enjoy my adjustments and the personality that comes with it. Thanks.”
-Monika P.L.

“Dr. John and his staff always provide a friendly atmosphere and great care. Listening to what you need and addressing it in a timely manner.”

“Dr. John and the staff are so welcoming and helpful. I met them when I was in agony and they were always so sweet and helpful. They know everyone by name and treat everyone like friends. Simply a great place to go .

“I appreciate that Dr. John genuinely cares about his patients and regularly goes out of his way to help.    I always feel appreciated because he takes the time to talk and see how things are.”
– Darci. S