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Our mission is to change the consciousness from one of sickness and disease to one of unlimited health and well-being. Our lasting commitment is to enlighten the community about the devastating effects of subluxations on health, and to educate about the benefits of Chiropractic. Our goal is to check and adjust as many families as possible.

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I have been seeing Dr. John now for 20 years and he has seen me go through many changes in my life with my health and I can truly say if it wasn't for Dr. John I don't know where I would be now with my health. He has seen me on last minute to various walk-in's with always a smile when greeting you. What can any one say about Dr.John that hasn't been already said by so many others, but for me I call him that ANGEL that walks among us and keeps a close watch on all that have seen him. To all of you I say this, we are all so blessed to have a man that just isn't in this business for a career, he is in the business cause he truly cares. He has always been available to me for anything, either it being an email, a phone call or a text. I cannot say that about others in the field of health and happiness.

Scott P