What to Expect First Visit

On your first visit, brief paper work will be required in order for us to get a general idea of what your health history may look like!

Please do not forget to bring your Manitoba Health Card with you. Along with an idea of what kind of coverage you have with private insurance.

Manitoba Health covers $10.00 of your adjustment fee up to 7 visits per calendar year.


Chiropractic Evaluation
Dr. John will assess your health history in detail.  He will have an open conversation with you where you can express and elaborate on any health concerns.

Posture Anaylsis
An assessment of your posture will be done along with the use of bilateral weight scales. Dr. John can determine in which direction your body focuses its weight on, either with shoulder/hip imbalances, the rounding of the shoulders and if there is a sway in the pelvis.

Spinal Assessment
Palpation of the spine will be performed to determine if there is possible muscle spasms, scar tissue and/or inflammation.

A computerized scan of the nerve system is done to assess the health of your spinal cord.

If necessary, depending on your examination and condition, x-rays may be done. Dr. John may do full spine x-rays and/or focus on a parts of the spine. X-rays will help us narrow down the most effective care plan. Here at River Heights Family Chiropractic, our office uses the best available techniques to limit the amount of radiation exposure!


What to Expect Second Visit

Doctor’s Report

Please expect your next visit to be approximately 60 minutes.

Dr. John will present reasons why and ways in which to lead a healthier lifestyle. He will explain how beneficial chiropractic care will be, either in a corrective and/or eventually as wellness care. He will show you what an ideal spine looks like and contrast it your own x-rays of the spine. Depending on the condition of your spine, he will provide a proactive care plan to get you back on track to wellness! An adjustment will also be done following your doctor’s report.


What to Expect Going Forward

Dr. John will provide a specific care plan that is focused on reaching your best spinal cord health. Along with the plan we will provide spinal correction that consists of home-based rehabilitative exercises.
Objective measurements will be used to monitor progress throughout care. This allows us to measure how you are healing, rather than just how you are feeling.

We are invested in your wellness, as healthy recipes, tips and tricks for an overall healthier lifestyle are provided here at River Heights Family Chiro!




Payment is due when services are rendered. We accept cash, cheque, debit, Visa, and MasterCard.

Cancellations must be made 3 hours prior to your appointment time. Expect a courtesy call in the event you are late or miss your appointment.

All cancelled or missed appointments must be made up within 48 hours.

We accept walk-ins; however, patients with a scheduled appointment will be seen first. To avoid disappointment, please call ahead to let us know you are coming in.